Catholic University strongly believes in the benefits that a structured meal plan program has to offer to our students in terms of overall health and well-being, nutrition, and in the importance of the shared, communal experience of 'breaking bread' together.  All first-, second-, and third-year residential undergraduate students are required to participate in a meal plan.  We encourage students to review the Dining Services website to explore dining options available at Catholic University.

Catholic U's Meal Plan Program is intentionally designed to provide food options and offerings to assist students who are living with food-related conditions such as the top nine food allergies recognized by the FDA, celiac disease, etc.  The University has an on-site dietitian dedicated to advising and supporting students participating in the Meal Plan Program; the dietitian is available to provide direct one-on-one advice on how best to navigate options provided through the Meal Plan Program.  This direct one-on-one advice can support students choosing to adhere to a diet (e.g. vegan or vegetarian) or assist them to understand what foods/preparations may exacerbate conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  A student who is living with a food-related condition should contact Dining Services for support and resources. Jordan Sawyer is the registered dietitian and may be reached by email at: (preferred method) or by phone at:  202-319-6699 during regular business hours M-F.

The Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) supports students who are living with diagnosed food-related disabilities and conditions and who may need accommodations to mitigate:  substantial barriers presented by a communal dining experience or substantial functional limitations to major life activities or health functions that may impact their full participation in a meal plan program.  In these cases, DSS works closely with Dining Services to review and determine if reasonable dining accommodation(s) are appropriate to eligible students through an interactive process.  A student who is living with a diagnosed food-related disability beyond those noted above should contact Disability Support Services by email at: and provide DSS with a written narrative of your specific circumstance; DSS staff will review your inquiry and respond back with appropriate next steps.

Updated June 2023