Catholic U and Disability Support Services are committed to providing reasonable accommodations for students with special dietary needs, including food allergies, medical diets, and/or food intolerances so students can fully participate in the dining experience. The University may release a student from participating in the dining program in those rare situations when Dining Services cannot accommodate a student's needs due to the nature of the medical condition that the student is experiencing. We encourage students to review the Dining Services website to explore dining options available at Catholic University. There are a variety of Vegetarian, Vegan, and Made Without Gluten options.

Processes for Dietary Needs and Accommodations

Students who have questions about different dining options should contact Dining Services at Students who have questions about dietary questions or food contents, should contact Dining Services' Registered Dietitian, Jordan Sawyer at

Students should engage in the following process to request a formal Dining Accommodation. Students who have previously received dining accommodations must re-request dining accommodations prior to the start of the new academic year using the same form. Please contact DSS with any questions.

1. The student should complete the Dining Accommodation Request form. Additionally, students should submit a completed Dining Accommodation Documentation form directly to DSS either via email at or fax at 202-319-5126.

  1. Supportive documentation from a qualified provider assists DSS in formulating a comprehensive understanding of a student's diagnosed disability or condition and how this may impact their access to dining options on campus.
  2. DSS has created the Dining Accommodation Supportive Documentation form as the preferred way to submit supportive documentation. A student may also request a written letter from a qualified provider as long as all question from the Clinical Care Provider Form are clearly addressed; submitted letters that do not address all of the content may significantly delay the review phase of the process.
  3. Note: A student who is already registered with DSS for other Accommodations (and therefore already has supportive documentation on file with DSS) is strongly encouraged to provide new, updated, or more specific documentation as it relates to a Dining Accommodation Request.

2. DSS will review the submitted materials and consult with the Dining Services Registered Dietitician as needed.

3. DSS will conduct an accommodations meeting with the student to discuss dietary needs, dining options, and any reasonable accommodations.

4. DSS will inform the Dining Services Registered Dietician and/or Dining Services with any dining accommodation recommendations.

5. The Dining Services Registered Dietician and/or Dining Services will follow up with the student regarding next steps and/or additional information regarding any accommodation.