Before students can request a student notetaker, this accommodation must be listed on the student’s current letter of accommodation. Like all accommodation requests, this must be supported by documentation and demonstrated need. 

The Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) cannot guarantee a student notetaker, the quality of the student notetaker’s notes, or the frequency of the student notetaker’s notes. 

The process for a student notetaker is as follows:

  1. The student with a student notetaker accommodation will provide this flyer to the professors teaching courses they require a student notetaker in. 
  2. The professor makes an announcement in class that there is a request for a student notetaker through DSS. Students who are interested in becoming a student notetaker should see the professor individually with their class notes. 
  3. The potential student notetaker comes to the professor. 
  4. The professor verifies that the potential student notetaker’s notes are accurate and substantial. 
  5. The potential student notetaker emails their name, the class number and section number, and the professor’s name (e.g. Stacey Cardinal, WASH 101 - 01, Dr. Smith). 
  6. DSS will correspond with the student notetaker about the position. 
    1. Positions are filled on a first-come basis. 
    2. Student note takers are paid $25 per credit hour. Student notetaker must fill out hiring paperwork in order to be paid.
  7. The student notetaker will fill out the Note-Taker Fulfillment Request Google form and upload a copy of class notes at least 24 hours after each class. The subject of each document should contain the class number and section, professor name, and date (e.g. WASH 101 - 01, Dr. Smith, 9/15/19). 
  8. The accommodated student will be receiving notes from the note-taker through a shared Google Drive folder including class name and number.
  9. DSS will coordinate payment to student note-takers who sent complete notes at the end of the semester.