Note: DSS is willing and able to administer all quizzes, tests, and exams for students registered with DSS and have testing accommodations. Other requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will depend on the current demands and workload of the DSS office. 

The Accommodated Testing Process is as follows:

  1. Students with testing accommodations will request to take a test with DSS via “DSS Test Request” Google Form. 
    1. Students must sign into the Google Suite to access the test request. 
    2. One request must be made for each test. 
    3. Students are required to make the request two weeks before a test is to be scheduled. If requested later than this deadline, it is not guaranteed that the student will be able to take the test with DSS. 
    4. Students will receive an email confirmation when a test request is successfully submitted. If a student does not receive a test request email confirmation, please resubmit the test request. 
    5. If there are any changes to the request (e.g. test date), please email
  2. Two weeks before the scheduled test, DSS will email the professor, notifying professors that their student has requested to take a test with DSS and asking them to fill out the “DSS Test Information” Google Form. 
    1. Complete one “DSS Test Information” form per test, not per student. 
    2. If there are any updates to the test parameters, please email
  3. As soon as DSS receives the completed “DSS Test Information,” DSS will pair it with the student and schedule the test within the professor’s time parameters. 
    1. DSS will use the student’s class schedule to ensure that test does not interfere with class time. DSS does not take into account practices or other obligations of the student. 
    2. Once the test has been scheduled, students will be invited to the test event on Google Calendar.
  1. If a student wants to change the date or time of the test, students must email their professor and copy to get approval from the professor. Once the professor has approved, then the test will be scheduled with approval date and time. This is made clear at the end of the “DSS Test Request.” 
  2. Two days before the exam, DSS will email professors to remind them to send in the test if it has not already been received. 
  3. Student will come to take the test at the scheduled time and location. 
    1. Strict protocols are in place to ensure test security and academic integrity. This includes students signing the Academic Honesty Agreement for each test, trained staff proctoring exams, and sealed, opaque envelopes for transporting tests. 
      1. For students using a computer DSS will likely monitoring computer use remotely.
    2. If there are any testing irregularities, the professor and dean will be notified immediately by DSS staff. 
    3. All students will be provided only pre-approved and requested accommodations.
    4. If a student arrives late, they will have the remainder of the scheduled time to take the test. No extra time will be added.  
    5. If a student does not come to the test, both student and professor are notified. 
  1. Once the test is complete, the completed test will be sent to the professor via the method they designated on the “DSS Test Information” form. 
    1. If the test is scanned and emailed to the professor, the original hardcopy will be kept in a locked drawer in the secure DSS Office for one semester. After one semester the hardcopy of the completed exam will be shredded.