Assistive listening device (ALD)

Some students who are hard of hearing may require an assistive listening device. Each device is different. In most cases, unless there is an audio system in the room that has a built in ALD, the instructor will be required to wear a small device with a microphone so that the student can hear. It will be important for the instructor to repeat any comments from other members of the class.

Assistive Technology (laptop, notetaking device)

There is a variety of assistive technology available to students with disabilities. Some students may need to type their tests on a computer with or without special software. In some cases, students may use their own computer and in other cases, they may need to use a computer on campus. DSS also has some laptops available for testing purposes. If you have questions about this, please contact DSS.

Closed Captioned Videos

Students who are Deaf or hard of hearing will need to have all videos shown in class to have captioning. If the copy being shown is not captioned, please contact DSS to determine what needs to be done to have the video captioned or to look for alternative solutions prior to the time of the class.