Smart Start 2023

Thank you for the wonderful turnout we had for Smart Start 2023

Catholic University's Smart Start program is a pre-orientation program hosted by the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) and conducted before the larger New Student Orientation. The program is targeted toward students with a documented disability or condition, who have newly registered with DSS, and who have been approved for academic accommodations ahead of the start of the Fall term.

The goals of the Smart Start program are:

  • To help students new to Catholic U. prepare for their college experience through targeted programming offered by DSS;
  • To assist on-campus, residential students by providing additional time to physically movie-in to their residence hall room;
  • To introduce DSS staff to our newly registered students and their family members while attending informative sessions on the services and programs offered by DSS;
  • To review and understand how the most common academic accommodations are managed in practice and learn how to access various services provided by DSS to our registered students with accommodations;
  • To begin the development of self-advocacy and a sense of community with other DSS registered students.

Smart Start 2023 Recordings and Slides

Here you can find the recordings and slides from this years Smart Start orientation program.  


Smart Start 2023 Morning Sessions

Smart Start 2023 Afternoon Sessions


Presentation Slides

Session 1 | Welcome

Session 2 | Transition to College and Personalized Success

Session 3 | What Are Your Accommodations

Session 4 | Dean of Students

Session 5 | Learning Skills Advisors

Session 6 | Testing Services

Session 7 | Assistive Technology

Session 8 | Glean Demo 

Session 9 | DSS Wrap Up

Session 10a | Counseling Center Services

Session 10b | Writing Center

Session 10c | Tutor Services and Math Center


You can access the Smart Start 2023 schedule here for a full sessions breakdown of this years program.

We look forward to working with you all this semester!

Updated August 2023.