Students who have already formally registered with Catholic U's Disability Support Services and received formalized academic accommodations (classroom and/or testing), are expected to submit a request to receive a Letter Renewal for each subsequent academic semester.

Request a renewed letter of accommodation here.

If you have any questions about the Renewal Form, please see the instruction below.

Students may request a letter of accommodations at any time, and there is no deadline to request a letter. However, because accommodations are not retroactive (i.e. cannot be implemented for past absences, tests, projects, etc.), we strongly encourage students to request a letter well before the start of an academic term.

  • For the Fall semester, we recommend students request a Letter Renewal in the summer (June-early August).
  • For the Spring semester, we recommend students request a Letter Renewal in late fall (Nov.-Dec.), concurrent with course registration.
  • For any Summer session, we recommend students request a Letter Renewal at the end of spring (April-June), also concurrent with course registration.

The length of time taken to create a letter of accommodations may vary, so we encourage students to follow these date ranges to ensure accommodations in time for their classes.

Please note that accommodations cannot be utilized by students until they have given their professor the letter of accommodations.

For students, if there is a new development in your diagnosis or if you have been recently been diagnosed with an additional condition(s) that was not considered when you initially registered with DSS, additional documentation likely will be necessary to consider a change to your accommodations. If you believe you may need to change your accommodations, please indicate this on the Letter Renewal form and initiate the process to submit updated documentation to our office.